Cape Town-Column with Gerda


(Editor: Gerda Osborne is speaking in her Cape Town-Column about the cosmopolitan South African Mother City.)

My name is Gerda Osborne, I live in South Africa, in Cape Town the Mother City with a mixture of different cultures and stunning scenic views, with friendly people, where there is always something to do. It’s an amazing city.

    © Gerda Osborne lives in South Africa, in Cape Town the Mother City. She is dealing in her Cape Town-Column with the spirit of this cosmopolitan city.

© Gerda Osborne lives in South Africa, in Cape Town the Mother City. She is dealing in her Cape Town-Column with the spirit of this cosmopolitan city.

I live on the west coast, Blouberg originally named by the Dutch meaning Blue Mountain North of Cape Town. The west coast is spectacular and one of the most photographed places in Cape Town, also a hot spot for kite surfers with a relaxed white sandy beach life. In this coastal suburb there is a stunning view of Table Mountain and a beautiful skyline of the mother city across the Atlantic ocean, I love to take long walks on the beach , take in the fresh air and listen to the waves and the Seagulls it’s breath taking!

The Old Biscuit mill in the historic district of Woodstock is home to the City’s top vintage fair warm hearted little village, locally known as ‘’neighbours good market’’ open every Saturday from nine o´clock to two o´clock. It’s a very busy little village, it is well organised relaxed and peaceful with different cultures and premier market of local and organic foods, finest quality produce, wines, pastries, biltong, cupcakes, chocolates, jams, homemade smoothies, curry’s and my personnel favourites, cheeses ,breads and red wine. With a lot of treats on offer and plenty large tables were everyone can sit down and enjoy the treats and the vintage artworks and antique furniture shops, are amazing! With a friendly environment, and a lovely the view of the mountains.

A German cafe is located in Green Point opposite the Green Point Stadium. Its one of my favourite places in Green Point, I was the hostess when it first opened, so for me it feels like home, I always get a fantastic serve, and great food at affordable prices.
I also got to met wonderful people with different cultures from all over world. I made some good friends with, the language school around the corner. Green Point is a great meeting place for everyone before exploring the Mother City, Cape Town is a special city.

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© Impressions from Cape Town by Columnist Gerda

The Cape Grace Marina is fantastic! It’s been around for 8 years, all the beautiful yachts and sail boats and stunning scenery. I love the outdoors and being on the water is breath taking. I had a lovely experience thanks to my friends and the Jet Ski was fantastic! The yacht, Wow! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, I was impressed. Along the coast there is a restaurant called ‘The grand’ and the food there is delicious! It was nice to see visual policing on the water too. What a fantastic way to end the day.

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