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Ubuntu in Germany Column

Krismis in Africa or Deutschland?

(Editor: Alex Smit-Stachowski is speaking in her column about life as a South African now living in Germany. The South African journalist lives in Krefeld, in North Rhine-Westphalia/ Germany).

I was born to Germans, raised partly in Namibia but mostly in South Africa and nine years ago, I left SA and moved to Germany. Now that Christmas is here – the question is – where is better – in South Africa or in Germany?

    © Alex Smit-Stachowski is the "Ubuntu in Germany" columnist of "SÜDAFRIKA - Land der Kontraste". The column is dealing with South African lifes in Germany. We are wishing you and your family a merry christmas/ season´s greetings. (Source: flickr/ Eléonore Klein)

© Alex Smit-Stachowski is the „Ubuntu in Germany“ columnist of „SÜDAFRIKA – Land der Kontraste“. The column is dealing with South African lifes in Germany. We are wishing you and your family a merry christmas/ season´s greetings. (Source: flickr/ Eléonore Klein)


Johannesburg -The City That Never Sleeps

„The City of Gold“ is also known as Jozi, Egoli or Joburg

(Editor: Bruce Ncube from Johannesburg)

Deutsche Zusammenfassung:

Bruce Ncube berichtet für „SÜDAFRIKA – Land der Kontraste“ aus der Goldstadt – aus Johannesburg. Eine riesige Metropole, die viele Probleme einerseits und Chancen andererseits aufzeigt. Während ein Spaziergang im Stadtteil Hillbrow, in der Orange Farm oder in Sebokeng lebensgefährlich ist, erweisen sich Sandton und Diepkloof als gegensätzliche teure Pflaster der  Johannesburger Mittelschicht. Zudem ist diese Stadt auch die Heimat von vielen afrikanischen Flüchtlingen und dementsprechend kulturell betrachtet äußerst heterogen.

© Jozi at night (Source: Chris Kirchhoff/

I have been a keen follower of how culture has an impact on a growing nation. We are naturally ignorant when it comes to how we want a nation look like in the future. We are all about the „now“ factor.

We forget that the foundation we lay is ours and for those to follow. Today’s society is that of a mixture of different races, mixed traditions and beliefs. Johannesburg, popularly known as Joburg or Egoli, The City of Gold is a pure of example of this. The world has become one big oyster. Johannesburg has been and continues to be, without doubt, a leader in this regard.

I’m not one to dwell on the past a lot. Yes, Egoli has seen its fair share of problems but it has also seen a great amount of change especially in terms of culture and the society in general. It has become a multicultural haven. From the dusty streets of Orange Farm and Sebokeng, the new middle class development of Diepkloof aka DK, the corner joints of Hillbrow, which has seen a great deal of development, the ever so cultural streets of Yeoville to the Poshy suburbs of Sandton.

Egoli, also known as Jozi Maboneng, which Joburg City Lights, has become a diverse nation on its own, multilingual and a bee-hive of activity. I will take you through the streets of Jozi, the culture it possess, the love it so longs to spread to the whole world, the food, the places, the music, the landmarks, the politics, the celebrated individuals and that ordinary man on the ground who has a better view of his surroundings.

Jozi has evolved. You will get to see the inside of the city that is widely regarded as the Diversity Capital of the World. On a regular basis, I will take you through an amazing journey of exploring and learning. We will go to different places and events and give a profile of each. Pictorial illustrations will also be included.
You will see what makes this city tick. The ever so rich history will get you thinking.
Egoli, Place of Gold, Jozi Maboneng, KwaNyama Kayipheli, kphela amazinyo endoda (meaning a culturally superior place). Are you ready?

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Exklusive Interview with Zanele Muholi

Exklusive interview with the if possible most provoking artist of South Africa

(Editor: Ghassan Abid)

© Artist Zanele Muholi

In 1972, Zanele Muholi was born in township Umlazi/Durban. She is  skilled photograph as well activist for women´s rights  and homosexual  relationships. Her photography is presenting black women, especially their intimacy. In conservative South Africa meets this open exposure with the female body with much resistance. In March 2010 was planned, that the Minister of Arts and Culture, Lulu Xingwana, should open an exhibition of black female artists in Johannesburg, but as she had seen photos of Zanele Muholi, she denounced her art as „immoral, pornographic and against nation-building„. In consequence of this feelings she leaved angry this exhibition. However, Zanele Muholi, who is living in a lesbian relationship, is receiving by the international art scene much encouragement, respect and awards. Our South Africa web portal is pleased as much more to interview this „power woman“, who don´t to mince one´s words. Weiterlesen