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Designer Craig Native in interview

The world doesn´t need more glamour brands if there are children living on the streets

(Autor/ Editor: Ghassan Abid)

Deutsche Interview-Zusammenfassung:

Craig Native ist ein Modedesigner mit internationalem Ruf. Dem in absoluter Armut aufgewachsenen Modefan ist es gelungen, sich kreativ zu entfalten  und zur südafrikanischen Identität beizusteuern. Anfänglich interessierte sich dieser als Kind für Gebäude, Autos und Menschen, die er in eigene Zeichnungen untergebracht hatte. Mit zunehmendem Alter entwickelte sich seine Vorliebe für die Mode, welche mittlerweile verbunden mit südafrikanischen Elementen einen besonderen und vor allem einmaligen Touch erhalten hat. Mit der Kollektion „Native Clothing“ verfolgt der Designer einen sportlich-afrikanischen Style, welcher in der Zielgruppe der 18 bis 38-jährigen Südafrikaner große Resonanz erfährt. Glamour und Eleganz, welche vom renommierten Johannesburger Modelabel „Black Coffee“ vordergründig verfolgt werden, lehnt Craig Native vehement ab. Er untermauert, dass Eleganz immer dann überflüssig ist, solange Kinder in ärmlichen Verhältnissen auf den Straßen leben müssen. Mit dem deutschen Modeunternehmen OTTO konnte Native bereits zusammenarbeiten, indem seine Klamotten auch in Deutschland erhältlich sind. Grundsätzlich verbindet er die deutsche Mode mit Individualität und Kreativität. Sein größter  Traum wäre es, wenn er mittels seiner Fashionkreationen zum Wohlstand auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent beitragen könnte.

© South African street style by fashion designer Craig Native

© Craig Native, one of the most popular fashion designers from South Africa

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: We would like to welcome on „SÜDAFRIKA – Land der Kontraste“, the German Gateway to South Africa, the fashion designer from Cape Town, Craig Native. Mr. Native, you are originally from Cape Flats, the poor side of Cape Town. How did you come up with fashion?

Answer: I drew or sketched pictures to keep me occupied at home. It was not fashion but buildings, cars and sports people. In my teen years when you got more fashion conscious clothing design became interesting, especially sportswear.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: „Native Clothing“ is your fashion label, that was launched in 2000. Your collection is combining African elements, socio-political messages and sportive attributes. Who is your target group, what is „Native Clothing“ standing for and how many creations do you have realized this day?

Answer: Target group is 18- 38 years predominantly but it has not been a rule. I like making clothes for those who want to spend time thinking about their world around them being more conscious rather than not questioning choices one makes.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: In the past, we have interviewed the designers from Johannesburg label „Black Coffee“, who are working very striktly on the basis of fashionableness. Do you think, that elegance could take a bigger emphasis in your style?

Answer: Growing up in poorer areas in Africa, makes me not worry about glamour and elegance. Fashion is not only about that. I would rather use fashion as a avenue to spread messages of social and environmental development of 3rs world countries. The world doesnt need another glamour brand if there are children starving and living on the street .

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: You are known for your interest in political matters. The African National Congress (ANC) celebrated his centenary on 8th January 2012. The ANC has been criticized many times by media. What do you think about the current developments in South Africa?

Answer: The world loves negative press it causes more sensation.  Any one who runs South Africa will have a difficult time because you cant wipe away 40 years of negative history is just over a decade. Every country will have their issues. It could be a lot worse in South Africa so I choose to look at what our government are getting right rather than what they getting wrong. The future generations I believe will help paint a different picture for South Africa.

© A model is wearing clothes designed by Craig Native

© A model is wearing clothes designed by Craig Native

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: „46664Fashion“ is a brand, which has been designed by you and your South African colleagues Chris Vogelpoel and Barbara Tosalli. 46664 was the prison number of Nelson Mandela.
What would you say to people, who are expressing their discomfort, that Nelson Mandela´s life could be commercialised by this brand?

Answer: 46664 has been endorsed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation. It would not exist without their approval. Its a legacy of that represents itself through cloth.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Which designers are your role models?

Answer: I dont really have favorites and many of them aren’t world famous. I admire creatives like artists, interior designers, african crafters.

Craig Native is participating in „Cotton Made in Africa“, an initiative to support African cotton workers. His fashion is based on African styles and identities. 

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: You are still working with German fashion retailer OTTO. What is your impression of Germany, German fashion and culture?

Answer: My impression that there is a lot of individual style. The street fashion is quite interesting. It´s certainly creative and experimental.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Mr. Native, which dreams would you like to realize in regard to your private and professional life?

Answer: If my clothing can contribute towards the development of the continent of Africa then I would be happy.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Craig Native, fashion designer, thank you very much for this interview!

Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Homeless Party in Camps Bay

Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!

December/ January Edition, Part IV:

Well my gorgeous daaaaahlings in the snow………happy 2011……

I have been parting up a storm, in a tea cup, really …….feeding the homeless and working ……um ….on my tan!!!!!Hahahahahahahahahahaaa…..oh I do love the holidays!!

Ok …news…..There have been the most insane parties in our little ‘Cap’…..the rich and famous have uses our lovely ‘bay ‘to play in, for their breather ,from the skiing and snow……not to mention our yummy rich and famous locals and yes, a few flameless… [Can’t have it all so pretty…….. all the time]… have thrown a bit of a party.

Ok the news update…the MYLIFE CHRISTMAS PARTY was amazing we managed to have the best party in the wonderful Camps Bay, madenscove area…. 150 homeless children, caregivers and youths had a barbeque, were entertained and swam in a beautiful environment….then took home a Christmas package that was filled with food and toiletries and and and……yeah it was way cool…..


© MYLIFE christmas party , Madenscove , Camps Bay

© 25 th December homeless feeding program, MYLIFE

So much so the Christmas spirit was continued on Christmas day ….we fed 250 homeless in the city centre…..lunch and a little present and a lot of hugs and love……this is the part of my job as a councillor, I do love ….if anyone would like to support my very special organisation pls go onto and donate!!!! I would really appreciate all donations…and a whole lot of mwahs sent your way……

And I have found a new little bar that I quite enjoy….away from the hustle and bustle in Sunset beach area [hotttttttt kite surfers….oh yummmmmmmm] Southpole…..uber cheap cocktails and great live music on a Sunday night ….fun…..

Oh ja….the wheel of excellence in the waterfront is amazing…..ok so I went on the day that the south easter was blowing…..and I thought our little bubble would , well ….blow away , like a bad woody Allen movie….can’t remember the name …..When he was in the bubble suit…aaaaany way….. Great way to look at the mother city


© the 'girls' at the paaaarty!!

Season is in full swing with shoots , still and movie , on nearly every beach and street corner….so pretties…..pull in ….there is $$$$$$$$ to be made …………chatzes

Voila la news

I love you all more than all the world…..God bless you and keep you

Love always, Sam Pegg

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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Glamour, Celebs and MylifE

Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!

November Edition, Part III:

Well is getting hot in the mother city and the glamsters are hot to trot!!!!

Starting off with the ever popular little black book…now this is THE list to be on this season…..daaaaarling Marina Nestel and her fab, hot, crew are just THE party organisers of note….and hold the key to the best kept party list in Cape Town…..the ever fabulaaaas One & Only group, in conjunction with, the little black book, Fabiani, Chivas Regal and Callahan put on ‘the fashion party of the year’……but truth be told…..I have a feeling there will be maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany more…… it was just too much fun for there not to be!!!!!

© red carpet @ one & only fabiani chivas party by 'the little black book''

….AND SPOTTED THERE WERE………., Anna Field [pushing daises fame] and Raoul Bova [Under The Tuscan Sun], Chef Nobu Matsuhisa [flew in from NYC just for the party!!!!!]….and MOI!!!!!…………..Your pulse into the Mother City, Cape Town, hot or …sooooooooooooo not!!!! And let’s just say……JA…..

This the season to be jolly so my darling friend Amanda De WAAL and I´m doing a Christmas drives for the children of the NGO ORG. this org helps street children with life skills and opportunity…..pls go onto their site and see if your heart feels warmed to this cause and DONATE!!!!

Pls….your Euros, no matter how small, can make a huge difference to these children’s lives……I am a patron to them and have been told that there Christmas wish is to be in the countryside and have a little quiet……can you imagine…….so my darling friend , Tony Martin[ Oscar winner , wig master of the famed movie from Mike Leigh , Topsy Turvy] and his husband ,Rosh have offered their west coastal farm, Nirvana , to host this amazing lunch/braai/barque…….and let me tell you …there are Michelin chefs that have come out of the mylife headquarters so…… doll……………I will be eating …..Well…. like the princess I think I am, really………. and now looking to get the busses and food and and and to be sponsored and placed into the best, evaaa ‘Christmas wish list’ that these wonderful children and youths deserve……imagine to have been born into the unfortunate geography, the streets of Cape Town, as your beginning in life……… these brave little warriors that survive through heinous crimes committed unto them each and every day of their life……..

© PICTURES of success stories from MYLIFE ORG


‘’come my babies of this mother city , ‘’mommy’s going to get you a day off from all this ……mommy is going to do her hardest to let you just , exhale ………….and take in the daisies……….. Even if it is just for one day’’…… Tanie Sam and Amanda

Oh and the best place for me at the moment ……. the beach grand in Granger Bay……filet , the best fries…….and the grand bubbly….hmmmmm……I do love my life….huuuuuu!

© the beach grand


Love always, Sam Pegg

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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg