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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Summer time in Europe is fashion time in Cape Town

Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!

Summer Edition, Part VII:

LIEEEEEEEBLINGS….forgive me, I had writers block and I let you down and I am sorry

Anyway, how are you darlings! Summer fun in Europe and freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold in Cape Town. There was snow!!!!!!!! I’m in Africa ………can we sing global ….’Just a little bit hot, hot, just a little bit……it’s getting hot in here!!!!!!’…..just saying……use it…..Don’t…

I decided to visit Stellenbosch in winter and wow was it beautiful……this Cape Wine land has a majestic air to in when the vines are empty and the land is at rest……the town where our future doctors , lawyers etc are all learning their skills and their intellect, question the world with purpose ……where your waitron is a 3dr or 4 th year student and has a valid opinion ……where huge business men come to drink a coffee and get advice from the person who brings it to them……ahhhhh wonderful Stellenbosch . The town is old and somehow????? English /Europe/ in feel, buildings dating back to the 1700’S…..JA….poetry …….I popped into the bar, restaurant, chill lounge…. 5 on reinefeld st. Bumped into the one of the “blings”, dj chopper. This is a true e.g. of Afrikaner creative culture. she plays at all the cool spots and all the Afrikaans festivals….with bubble machines and a toy rabbit that sits and watches the crowd and a whole bunch of stuff I can’t even remember……… and comes to the decks with the theme song of the show ‘air wolf’….hahahhaahhahaha …. And 80’s styling all the way

I also spotted was Tina –Marie, singing sensation that has her song on some of our local radio stations at number 1. Gravity is the tracks name…. …..Check it out…Said she will be playing Glastonbury festival next year with the remix…!!!!!! There is an ‘everything but the girl’ element to her sound….lovely……. And she writes and composes herself so the ‘music’ element is really present in her work but still can lend itself to a drum n bass or a jungle remix. Great to see proper talent that is received well in South Africa…

And then …….CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK hit our shores like a whirl wind of fab clothing, fab dressed people and new street style sitting in the seats. I was asked to shoot reportage of the show ,Habits by Jenny Le roux……the show was filled with an extraordinary front row, ex supermodels, Josie Borain( yes , Obsession by Calvin Klein campaign girl and first model to be paid a million $$$$ back in the day ) Lady Victoria and Kitty Spencer( Princess Diana’s brothers ex wife and daughter ) Lady Sally Graaf and Dr Precious Motsepo(her husband in one of the richest men in the world according to Time mag) Shine model / creative, boss , Megan Kruger , ‘blood diamond ‘ writer /producer Gillian Gorfil…. just to name a few …..It was huge success and the collection was just, beautiful.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

The other thing, on a personal note, I am learning about one of the rulers of our country via my son, rugby!!!!! We are not joking, at all, in South Africa about this sport!!!! so, I’m on page 2 of the rule book and think it is oh so pretty when the boys run in the form of a wing in flight., I am so excited seeing my son play and knowing that he is being trained by the most extraordinary coaches and boys from the age of 13 are already ear marked to be watched by the pro teams…..I kid you not!!!!!!! Well, I clearly think my son will be the best player in the world and be a springbok one day, if he wishes………….. And I can say that……. cos I’m his mom… xxxx……hahahaha

The 9th of August is Woman’s day and I wish all you amazing woman of the world, HAPPY WOMANS DAY ……..YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!

SAY IT ……”I AM AMAZING!!!!! ………..SHAKE THE HAND THAT SHOOK THE WORLD ….I AM A STRONG, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!!’’ ….and yes, we are all worth it!!!!

I love you all more than all the world, God bless you and keep you

Love always, Sam Pegg

P. S ……. the very yummmmmmm La colombe, in Constantia uitsig, is holding a winter special of sampling menu. The only time my artist’s budget can afford it!!!!


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