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Ubuntu in Germany Column

Doggygate bites Zuma

(Editor: Alex Smit-Stachowski is speaking in her column about life as a South African now living in Germany. The South African journalist lives in Krefeld, in North Rhine-Westphalia/ Germany).

President Jacob Zuma has caused a furore in South Africa after his speech in Impendle,  KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Midlands on Wednesday, where he spoke of people who loved dogs more than people as “having a lack of humanity”.

© President Jacob Zuma said that dogs are belonging to white culture. A new generation of young black Africans is trying to adopt white lifestyles. Black people should stop adopting the habits of other cultures, said Zuma. (flickr/ Jimmy Rehak)

© President Jacob Zuma said that dogs are belonging to white culture. A new generation of young black Africans is trying to adopt white lifestyles. Black people should stop adopting the habits of other cultures, said Zuma. (Source: flickr/ Jimmy Rehak)


From styling to singing

Lindiwe Suttle – singer, songwriter and model – in interview

(Autor/ Editor: Ghassan Abid)

Deutsche Interview-Zusammenfassung:

© Lindiwe Suttle, model and singer

Lindiwe Suttle ist eine US-amerikanische und südafrikanische Bürgerin, die einen äußerst bunten Werdegang vorzeigen kann. Die  Stylistin arbeitete anfänglich mit mehreren Superstars wie Beyoncé and Ciara zusammen. Ihre Arbeit war durchaus herausfordernd – sagt sie – da nicht viele VIPs ihre Person in punkto Make-up und Haare verändern woll(t)en. Denn Styling kann letztendlich als Kritik zum eigenen Stil aufgefasst werden. Und dennoch verspürte die Tochter einer südafrikanischen Mutter den Drang nach  kreativer Selbstverwirklichung. Sie arbeitete einige Jahre im US-Modemarketing, kündigte ihren Job und wanderte nach Kapstadt aus, wo sie den Modeeinkauf ausübte. Im Anschluss lebte sie im Rahmen einer Beziehung in Hamburg, welche zerbrach. Diesen Schmerz verarbeitete sie in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Produzenten Benni Dernhoff auf künstlerischer Weise – beginnend als Leadsängerin der Jazz-Hip-Hop-Band „The Collective Imagination“, dann mit Unterstützung des Düsseldorfer Rockmusikers Marius Müller-Westernhagen als Solokünstlerin.

Mittlerweile konnte sich Lindiwe Suttle – eine Powerfrau mit afrikanischen Werten und amerikanischer Prägung – als Sängerin, Songwriterin, Artistin und Model etablieren. Vor allem die Musik, welche sie seit 2007 professionell betreibt, bedeutet ihr sehr viel. Diese bezeichnet sie als „Kern für alles“. In bekannten Magazinen wie Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan oder GQ wurde Suttle abgebildet. Genauso warb sie für die Marke Frazer Parfum, worüber sie sehr glücklich ist. Lindiwe Suttle betont, dass sie eine große Bindung zu ihrer südafrikanischen Heimat hat. Dementsprechend kooperiert sie bewusst mit südafrikanischen Designern wie Lara Klawikowski, Kutloano Molokomme und Cleo Droomer. Auf diesem Wege trägt sie zur Internationalisierung der südafrikanischen Fashionszene bei. Auf die Frage hin, wie man die gesellschaftspolitischen Probleme Südafrikas angehen sollte, beantwortet die Sängerin diese mit einem Angebot an guter Bildung. Für 2012 steckt sich Lindiwe Suttle große Ziele, nämlich die weltweite Aufführung von mindestens 40 Shows zu ihrem Debütalbum Kamikaze Art.

Lindiwe Suttle’s „MAN MADE MOON“ (debut single)

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: We welcome on „SÜDAFRIKA – Land der Kontraste“ – the German Gateway to South Africa – Ms. Lindiwe Suttle, model and singer. May you please inform the readers where you come from and where you are based at the moment?

Answer: I was born and raised in USA to a South African Mother and an American Father. I was raised with traditional African values in a very American surrounding. I lived a very different lifestyle than my American friends. My mother taught me the values she learned from her grandparents.

I have lived in Cape Town in South Africa for the past nine years. Cape Town is an important city to me and I consider it my home. It is dear to my heart because this is where I launched my music career, which is significant in my life.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: You worked in the fashion industry with superstars like Beyoncé and Ciara. Which moment has changed your mind to switch over into self-expression? 

Answer: Being a stylist is a hard job. At the time many films were coming to Atlanta, my hometown. I was lucky singer Beyonce was the first big star I worked with, she was kind and humble to me even with all my beginner mistakes. I worked with other celebrities after her that were a little less forgiving.

The job of a stylist is challenging because everyone thinks they have great style. A makeup artist or hair stylist is seen to have a professional skill but style goes deeper it touches ones character. Not many people are open to changing their personal style like they would a hairstyle or wearing a different shade of lipstick.  Style suggestions are more personal, almost like a criticism to their character. In the end, I realized I excelled best at expressing my own personal style. I use fashion on stage in my theatrical shows, elaborately styled music videos and photo shoots. I love playing with fashion, it’s an expression of all my characters. The music is the core of everything and everything else is just extra to make it more visual.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: You are known as model, especially in South Africa. Magazines like Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan or GQ have reported about you. What does the South African fashion style represent?

Answer: I have been lucky to model for brands like face of Frazer Parfum and I was the face of the Woolworths beauty campaign. I never took the job as a model serious till I was in front of the camera. I give respect to models, it’s a tough job knowing the right angels for your face.

There is an abundance of talent in South Africa. The challenge now is getting the designers international exposure. I have been a big supporter of local talent since I have lived here. I credit them for getting my into Vogue Italy and helping me win style awards like Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year – Style Icon and the 2010 SA Style Award. I have a great relationship with many South African designers, Lara Klawikowski, Kutloano Molokomme, Cleo Droomer all create costumes for my shows.

© Lindiwe Suttle as part of the Frazer Parfum campaign „Ambassador for Nature“

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Additionally to your model job, you are performing as singer. Isn´t it an unusually combination? How could you combine both professions?

Answer: I have been a singer, songwriter and performance artist since I began my music career in 2007. I started out in business and after my MBA I worked in the fashion industry in fashion marketing, merchandising and eventually styling celebrities. I moved out of the entertainment business and moved to SA wanting to focus on my own goals. I worked in fashion buying in Cape Town for a couple of years and I learned a lot about the retail but felt too restricted in the corporate environment. I quit my job and that was when I found music again.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: We took notice, that are you in contact with Germans in artistic matters. Which impression do you have of Germany?

Answer: After I quit my corporate job I moved to Hamburg Germany for a relationship that eventually went bad. This relationship was a catalyst for me to starting writing lyrics all inspired by this love gone wrong. I worked in studio for the first time with Hamburg producer Benni Dernhoff. We created me first demo that I took to SA.  I auditioned as lead singer of The Collective Imagination, a jazz-hip-hop band and performed for one and half year with them. I launched my solo career end of 2009. I was discovered by German legend, Marius Mueller-Westernhagen and his wife Romney. They have been my big support in my music career. One year later, Marius connected me with Tim Renner and Motor Music, my management company. Motor Music introduced me to producer, Ivan Georgiev. Ivan and I worked on my debut album, Kamikaze Art all of 2011.

Lindiwe Suttle and the jazz-hip-hop band „The Collective Imagination“

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: South Africa is in German media mostly in context with negative headlines. Which are the biggest problems of this young democracy and what should politics and society do?

Answer: I think it is important to redesigning the current educational system to better prepare our youth for a prosperous future in the global market. I would love to  build a free skills training school in each community for all ages. There would be a variety of free classes offered like leadership classes for adults, arts for children, cooking, and sports. I think a good education is the first step to a better South Africa.

© Lindiwe Suttle: „My music comes from the heart and I feel it is the most open and honest I have been about the experiences in my life.“

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Which dreams in private and professional view would you like to realize?

Answer: My biggest goal in my life is to stay healthy and happy without these two things nothing else can happen in your life. In music, I want to perform worldwide and tour my debut album, Kamikaze Art. My goal is perform at least 40 shows in 2012. I want  to take Kamikaze Art to audiences around the world and have them experience my live shows with me. My music comes from the heart and I feel it is the most open and honest I have been about the experiences in my life.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Lindiwe Suttle, model and singer, thank you very much for this interview.

Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Summer time in Europe is fashion time in Cape Town

Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!

Summer Edition, Part VII:

LIEEEEEEEBLINGS….forgive me, I had writers block and I let you down and I am sorry

Anyway, how are you darlings! Summer fun in Europe and freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold in Cape Town. There was snow!!!!!!!! I’m in Africa ………can we sing global ….’Just a little bit hot, hot, just a little bit……it’s getting hot in here!!!!!!’…..just saying……use it…..Don’t…

I decided to visit Stellenbosch in winter and wow was it beautiful……this Cape Wine land has a majestic air to in when the vines are empty and the land is at rest……the town where our future doctors , lawyers etc are all learning their skills and their intellect, question the world with purpose ……where your waitron is a 3dr or 4 th year student and has a valid opinion ……where huge business men come to drink a coffee and get advice from the person who brings it to them……ahhhhh wonderful Stellenbosch . The town is old and somehow????? English /Europe/ in feel, buildings dating back to the 1700’S…..JA….poetry …….I popped into the bar, restaurant, chill lounge…. 5 on reinefeld st. Bumped into the one of the “blings”, dj chopper. This is a true e.g. of Afrikaner creative culture. she plays at all the cool spots and all the Afrikaans festivals….with bubble machines and a toy rabbit that sits and watches the crowd and a whole bunch of stuff I can’t even remember……… and comes to the decks with the theme song of the show ‘air wolf’….hahahhaahhahaha …. And 80’s styling all the way

I also spotted was Tina –Marie, singing sensation that has her song on some of our local radio stations at number 1. Gravity is the tracks name…. …..Check it out…Said she will be playing Glastonbury festival next year with the remix…!!!!!! There is an ‘everything but the girl’ element to her sound….lovely……. And she writes and composes herself so the ‘music’ element is really present in her work but still can lend itself to a drum n bass or a jungle remix. Great to see proper talent that is received well in South Africa…

And then …….CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK hit our shores like a whirl wind of fab clothing, fab dressed people and new street style sitting in the seats. I was asked to shoot reportage of the show ,Habits by Jenny Le roux……the show was filled with an extraordinary front row, ex supermodels, Josie Borain( yes , Obsession by Calvin Klein campaign girl and first model to be paid a million $$$$ back in the day ) Lady Victoria and Kitty Spencer( Princess Diana’s brothers ex wife and daughter ) Lady Sally Graaf and Dr Precious Motsepo(her husband in one of the richest men in the world according to Time mag) Shine model / creative, boss , Megan Kruger , ‘blood diamond ‘ writer /producer Gillian Gorfil…. just to name a few …..It was huge success and the collection was just, beautiful.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

The other thing, on a personal note, I am learning about one of the rulers of our country via my son, rugby!!!!! We are not joking, at all, in South Africa about this sport!!!! so, I’m on page 2 of the rule book and think it is oh so pretty when the boys run in the form of a wing in flight., I am so excited seeing my son play and knowing that he is being trained by the most extraordinary coaches and boys from the age of 13 are already ear marked to be watched by the pro teams…..I kid you not!!!!!!! Well, I clearly think my son will be the best player in the world and be a springbok one day, if he wishes………….. And I can say that……. cos I’m his mom… xxxx……hahahaha

The 9th of August is Woman’s day and I wish all you amazing woman of the world, HAPPY WOMANS DAY ……..YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!

SAY IT ……”I AM AMAZING!!!!! ………..SHAKE THE HAND THAT SHOOK THE WORLD ….I AM A STRONG, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!!’’ ….and yes, we are all worth it!!!!

I love you all more than all the world, God bless you and keep you

Love always, Sam Pegg

P. S ……. the very yummmmmmm La colombe, in Constantia uitsig, is holding a winter special of sampling menu. The only time my artist’s budget can afford it!!!!


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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

It´s wedding time!

Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!

April Edition, Part VI:

Hello daaaaarling liebling’s

How are you all doing??????

We let’s see… has been a month of change and the autumn light is shining in the glory of the coasts….white crisp light that gives life a look of saturated colour and a dramatic Fellini esque shadow…..beautiful, really….

Ok… best friend’s wedding…..proved that love has no borders Bastiaan is Dutch and fell in love with a girl, that just wanted to be loved ………………hahahahahahahahahahah I could not help myself…….here is couple that work. South African and Dutch. They commute and have the best of both continents. They got married in Franchhoek at the conservatory. She is a fashion stylist and it was a creative, industry guest list….

I also am so proud to say I attended an amazing presentation and outreach of Watoto ministries ( and that there will be a village built in Cape Town. God’s rescue programme for children and woman of war and aids orphans children. Look into your hearts and see the work of this amazing success………. a second chance at life, where heinous crime destroyed…….. Is now empowering the victims….

…..a west coast hide away……so you think… waiting to be explored ….Paternoster. Now this town is a fishing village, gone ….creative, quirky, chic…….and reaaaaaallllllly raw ….odd behaviour!!!!!!!!!!!

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

AS I DROVE INTO Paternoster …I was advised to stop at the Paternoster hotel and have a drink at the bar….I kid you not…..THE PANTY BAR…..this bar is a whole in the wall…….. That has an array of woman’s panties!!!!!! On the ceiling…..I proceeded to nock back, IT WOULD BE RUDE, AT THIS STAGE, NOT TO…..Patrone…..and prayed that no underwear (worn…eeewwww) fell on me…..Yes lieblings….for u …I will explore and “Bridget Jones journalism” you < the reality of the place ….hahahhaahhahaha…!!!!!!

Must mention, I stayed at the abalone house ( .it is a trip….the owners have a passion for Tretchikoff, a do I…and great food to!!!!! Stump nose is the local fish of the bay and is delicious…try it…..Hmmmmm……….. ok and to top it off…..Jacuzzi under the stars….now we talking, maaaaaa doll!!!!!

May the days grow closer to your visit ………or your return……..?

Ppppppsssssstttt…………ok ….it is getting cold but is much cheaper to visit South Africa now ….we are off season…just saying…….


Love always, Sam Pegg

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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Concert in Cape Town

Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!

February/ March Edition, Part V:

Hello lieblings!

How you all doing????

Cape Town was concert, concert, conceeeeeert…..this February

I mean I missed U 2 ……ok admit, I had pneumonia……and ok I chose a private soirée on a yacht instead of the Faithless concert…..but when one of Cape Town’s hottest darlings has his 40th on the very famous Nautilus ‘ boat ‘[last party , MC hammer, rented it ….oh and by the way , the birthday boy owns it!!!….and got engaged that night!!!!] on the same night as Faithless ….you say no to faithless…..really ……oh and he has luxury limo service and the only game reserve, Aquila game reserve, that has the big 5 (as in animals ….daaaaarling) only an 1 hr ish outside of Cape Town……heaven……..and …Paris Hilton and Maggie Thatcher are just a few names to drop ……that have frequented it….


© Searl Derman ..Aquila game reserve, Nautilus and and and happy birthday!!

The other thing that I am sooooooooooooo into is Muay Thai ….this is HUGE here and has all the pretty people Q ing at the door…. Dragon power gym is theeeee place to train in Cape Town and two times world champ Quentin Chong and brother Winston Chong are, not only the hoooooooooooootest boys at the cocktail …….. in my opinion, but are the masters of training and are often Vegas, NY and EAST bound, training stars and world champs or acting in movies….check out ….this is a must …see if you can catch an underground fight night ….train at the gym ….ripppppped in 6 weeks….I shait u not…..I did it in my modelling career..Shhhh don’t tell anyone…..ok …and the people are all hot…..ok, I said it….eye caaaaaaaaaaaandy

© dragon-power-gym

© ledgendary-world-famous-quentin-chong-of-dragon-power-

The autumn is nearing, on these splendid shores and the light is breathtaking at 5 pm….it is crisper and whiter, somehow…..the sun kisses my skin with a new purpose…..A different injection of sunshine d…..

Autumn harvest grape stomping just happened in Riebeek Kasteel……funnnnn……

Come play my Deutsch daaaaarlings and let’s have fun in this beautiful…..Land ….der Kontraste……

I love you all more than all the world

Love always, Sam Pegg

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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Homeless Party in Camps Bay

Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!

December/ January Edition, Part IV:

Well my gorgeous daaaaahlings in the snow………happy 2011……

I have been parting up a storm, in a tea cup, really …….feeding the homeless and working ……um ….on my tan!!!!!Hahahahahahahahahahaaa…..oh I do love the holidays!!

Ok …news…..There have been the most insane parties in our little ‘Cap’…..the rich and famous have uses our lovely ‘bay ‘to play in, for their breather ,from the skiing and snow……not to mention our yummy rich and famous locals and yes, a few flameless… [Can’t have it all so pretty…….. all the time]… have thrown a bit of a party.

Ok the news update…the MYLIFE CHRISTMAS PARTY was amazing we managed to have the best party in the wonderful Camps Bay, madenscove area…. 150 homeless children, caregivers and youths had a barbeque, were entertained and swam in a beautiful environment….then took home a Christmas package that was filled with food and toiletries and and and……yeah it was way cool…..


© MYLIFE christmas party , Madenscove , Camps Bay

© 25 th December homeless feeding program, MYLIFE

So much so the Christmas spirit was continued on Christmas day ….we fed 250 homeless in the city centre…..lunch and a little present and a lot of hugs and love……this is the part of my job as a councillor, I do love ….if anyone would like to support my very special organisation pls go onto and donate!!!! I would really appreciate all donations…and a whole lot of mwahs sent your way……

And I have found a new little bar that I quite enjoy….away from the hustle and bustle in Sunset beach area [hotttttttt kite surfers….oh yummmmmmmm] Southpole…..uber cheap cocktails and great live music on a Sunday night ….fun…..

Oh ja….the wheel of excellence in the waterfront is amazing…..ok so I went on the day that the south easter was blowing…..and I thought our little bubble would , well ….blow away , like a bad woody Allen movie….can’t remember the name …..When he was in the bubble suit…aaaaany way….. Great way to look at the mother city


© the 'girls' at the paaaarty!!

Season is in full swing with shoots , still and movie , on nearly every beach and street corner….so pretties…..pull in ….there is $$$$$$$$ to be made …………chatzes

Voila la news

I love you all more than all the world…..God bless you and keep you

Love always, Sam Pegg

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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg