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Johannesburg -The City That Never Sleeps

„The City of Gold“ is also known as Jozi, Egoli or Joburg

(Editor: Bruce Ncube from Johannesburg)

Deutsche Zusammenfassung:

Bruce Ncube berichtet für „SÜDAFRIKA – Land der Kontraste“ aus der Goldstadt – aus Johannesburg. Eine riesige Metropole, die viele Probleme einerseits und Chancen andererseits aufzeigt. Während ein Spaziergang im Stadtteil Hillbrow, in der Orange Farm oder in Sebokeng lebensgefährlich ist, erweisen sich Sandton und Diepkloof als gegensätzliche teure Pflaster der  Johannesburger Mittelschicht. Zudem ist diese Stadt auch die Heimat von vielen afrikanischen Flüchtlingen und dementsprechend kulturell betrachtet äußerst heterogen.

© Jozi at night (Source: Chris Kirchhoff/

I have been a keen follower of how culture has an impact on a growing nation. We are naturally ignorant when it comes to how we want a nation look like in the future. We are all about the „now“ factor.

We forget that the foundation we lay is ours and for those to follow. Today’s society is that of a mixture of different races, mixed traditions and beliefs. Johannesburg, popularly known as Joburg or Egoli, The City of Gold is a pure of example of this. The world has become one big oyster. Johannesburg has been and continues to be, without doubt, a leader in this regard.

I’m not one to dwell on the past a lot. Yes, Egoli has seen its fair share of problems but it has also seen a great amount of change especially in terms of culture and the society in general. It has become a multicultural haven. From the dusty streets of Orange Farm and Sebokeng, the new middle class development of Diepkloof aka DK, the corner joints of Hillbrow, which has seen a great deal of development, the ever so cultural streets of Yeoville to the Poshy suburbs of Sandton.

Egoli, also known as Jozi Maboneng, which Joburg City Lights, has become a diverse nation on its own, multilingual and a bee-hive of activity. I will take you through the streets of Jozi, the culture it possess, the love it so longs to spread to the whole world, the food, the places, the music, the landmarks, the politics, the celebrated individuals and that ordinary man on the ground who has a better view of his surroundings.

Jozi has evolved. You will get to see the inside of the city that is widely regarded as the Diversity Capital of the World. On a regular basis, I will take you through an amazing journey of exploring and learning. We will go to different places and events and give a profile of each. Pictorial illustrations will also be included.
You will see what makes this city tick. The ever so rich history will get you thinking.
Egoli, Place of Gold, Jozi Maboneng, KwaNyama Kayipheli, kphela amazinyo endoda (meaning a culturally superior place). Are you ready?

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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Fashion and Lifestyle Column from Cape Town started

The German gateway to South Africa, SÜDAFRIKA – Land der Kontraste, is happy to welcome in our German-South African team top model Sam Pegg as our Columnist for Fashion and Lifestyle.
Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!
September Edition, Part I:

I am Sam Pegg……Sam I am… me, moi, …model ……..photographer…..actress…national of my ………and your shores….   I travelled, modelled and shot in most of the world, over……….. And here I rest…Cape Town….I am….

Welcome to paradise and the jungle…babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey…this place boggles my mind…..Cape Town in a movie set of location and flair….I mean this place is biatchin……

Ok ……..the whales are out at the moment and let me tell you there is something so beautiful about watching the hugest mammals re creating….they are daunting…. HUGE and ……..wowwwwwwwww… ok I spotted them in Glencaine , Hermanes and Kommetjie…..ok, I was minding my own biz, like I do… by the way…the long beach guest house in Kommetjie, is just a fab gem….I mean really …if I was a small company with an klein budget, I would stay there…they have everything …drivers, cars, access to fab boats….even baby sitters [I loved that!!] …..ok and beaucoup oysters and bubbles on arrival….maybe just for moi..Hmmm…

© Langebaan strandlooper 2010 t m harsant

© Langebaan strandlooper bar 2010 T M Harsant

Ok round 2….the flowers on the west coast are out…maaaa dolllllll…. ok I love Langebaan…Kraal bay…..Geelbek restaurant for west coast /Malay cuisine…..the church in Churchhaven……. I could get married in it, it is soooooooo pretty…ok……. maaaaaaaaaaaybe….. then there are my great friends, Dee and Janice…Dee had been instrumental in two restaurants and more…. in Langebaan, that today hold her great, food foundation, structures and conservation in this ‘bay’…pearly and Friday island [ask for the fillet with mustard or pepper sauce…yummmmm]…there guest house, Jades, is great and serves the bay well. I get the penthouse room and just roll with it…..the west coast, the all…windsurf, kite surf and all the other stuff, surf…… I…..ok….. the water in the national park, kraal bay side is sooooooooooooooooooo warm and I play island girl , island girl [the flowers are out in the park now and there is sooooooo much wild life, worth a visit!!] and I swim in warm lagoon water temps….ok!!! And this is the best break from the city [1hr drive] you can get …when the party/shoot gets toooooooooooooooooooooo much! …… Warm salt water, a detox must….helllllo!

© Standlooper 2010

© Standlooper langerbaan main resturant T M Harsant 2010

Then there is the famous strandlooper restaurant on the beach in Langebaan….my best. Janice and her ex started it 18 years ago and there has been little changes to the recipes since it opened…dude…you eat with mussel shells as your cutlery and the seafood and fire bakes breads and comfiture just keeps coming…alllllllllllllllllllll sea food you wish…like in stages…. and barbecued to perrrrrfection…I have never tasted anything like this..It is a set cover price and then just chow down as they say, here in Cape Town… eat my dear, eat!

Castings are picking up and the fashion location destination is opening its eyes…..come on African summer…..


Love always, Sam Pegg


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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg