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Cape Town-Column with Gerda


(Editor: Gerda Osborne is speaking in her Cape Town-Column about the cosmopolitan South African Mother City.)

My name is Gerda Osborne, I live in South Africa, in Cape Town the Mother City with a mixture of different cultures and stunning scenic views, with friendly people, where there is always something to do. It’s an amazing city.

    © Gerda Osborne lives in South Africa, in Cape Town the Mother City. She is dealing in her Cape Town-Column with the spirit of this cosmopolitan city.

© Gerda Osborne lives in South Africa, in Cape Town the Mother City. She is dealing in her Cape Town-Column with the spirit of this cosmopolitan city.


Johannesburg-Bloggerin Laurice Taitz im Interview

Eine Frau über ihr Engagement für ein „schönes Johannesburg“

(Autor/ Editor: Ghassan Abid)

Deutsche Interview-Zusammenfassung:

Johannesburg ist eine Stadt, die mit vielen negativen Begleiterscheinungen einer Metropole in Verbindung gebracht wird – Kriminalität, Rassismus, Verkehrschaos, Armutsviertel und Arbeitslosigkeit. Laurice Taitz hingegen bloggt nur Positives aus und zu Jo´burg. Sie liebt ihren Wohnort, den man aus verschiedenen Perspektiven her betrachten müsse. Arme und Reiche leben hier beinahe nebeneinander. Viele Gesellschaften sind in einer Gesellschaft integriert. Die einstige Goldgräberstadt hat sich zu einer riesigen Heimat von Millionen von Menschen unterschiedlichster Herkunft, Religion, Sozialschicht und Nationalität entwickelt. Die Innenstadt mit dem Constitution Hill, dem Verfassungsgerichtshof Südafrikas, bewertet die Bloggerin als schönsten Ort Johannesburgs. Ebenso faszinieren sie die seit hundert Jahren bestehende Public Library, die öffentlichen Kunstinstallationen, das künstlerisch-hippe Viertel Maboneng, die Shopping-Straßen unweit der Diagonal Street und das äthiopische Viertel im Osten der Stadt. „Die Stadt ist voller Gegensätze und Plätze, die es zu entdecken gilt“, sagt Laurice. Und dennoch bevorzugen Europäer eher Kapstadt aufzusuchen. Sie selber war bereits zweimal in Deutschland und auch in Berlin. Die deutsche Hauptstadt beneidet sie für ihre schöne Architektur. „Es ist ein Ort, welcher viele Lektionen für Südafrika bereithält“, hält sie abschließend fest.

© Johannesburg is offering a reams of public arts (Picture Source:

© Johannesburg is offering a reams of public arts (Picture Source:

© Laurice Taitz, Blogger from Johannesburg

© Laurice Taitz, Blogger from Johannesburg

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: We would like to welcome on „SÜDAFRIKA – Land der Kontraste“ – the German Gateway to South Africa – the in Johannesburg based blogger Laurice Taitz.

You started your blog „nothing to do in joburg besides…“, in which you present a cultural view on this megacity. What is Johannesburg standing for?

Answer: Johannesburg is a city on the move. It was founded on a gold rush and it remains true to that, a city that in parts flashes its wealth and that also hides a rich seam of gold. It can be a difficult place to get to know but for me it’s a vibrant urban African metropolis.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Which is from your point of view the most beautiful place in Johannesburg and for which reason?

Answer: The inner city is the most beautiful place because every time I am there I see that the huge efforts to revive it are showing results. Some of my favourite sites include: Constitution Hill, where the values of one of the most progressive constitutions in the world are brought to life each day; Johannesburg’s newly-renovated Public Library, a 100-year-old architectural masterpiece; the city’s growing collection of public art; the up-and-coming hip urban district of Maboneng; the maze of shopping streets of old Johannesburg around Diagonal street; the Ethiopian district on the east side of the city; and Braamfontein’s lively streetlife.

Diagonal Street on Google Street View

The city is full of contrasts, and places to explore. And while you didn’t ask, the second most beautiful place is Johannesburg’s suburbs in spring when the jacaranda trees are in bloom and this tree-lined city is full of purple blossoms.

© The Public Library in Johannesburg (Picture Source:

© The Public Library in Johannesburg (Picture Source:

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: You demonstrate on your blog mostly lovely sights of Johannesburg. Why aren´t you writing on difficult topics like crime, poverty, xenophobia or corruption?

Answer: While I focus on what I love about the city and what it has to offer I never shy away from dealing with its less comfortable aspects, as these are part of the city’s challenges. As a former political reporter I am also acutely aware of giving readers the full story. I just don’t dwell on it because I see enormously positive changes taking place.

© Johannesburg is the home of different cultures (Picture Source:

© Johannesburg is the home of different cultures (Picture Source:

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Today, South Africa has developed a huge blogging scene. How would you evaluate the importance of blogs for the public opinion making process in South Africa?

Answer: I think that particularly the Joburg blogs that have emerged are helping to shape a new perception of the city for locals and foreigners. So many voices, filled with pride, in exploring a city, discovering its secrets and creating a sense of belonging from diverse perspectives.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Johannesburg is a big cosmopolitan city with many cultures and nationalities. Do you think that in Joburg is one society or rather several societies living side by side?

Answer: It depends where you stand. You can choose a pocket of the city and never see what’s beyond that corner but I think Joburg is many societies in one. A place where rich and poor live side by side, not always easily, and where people from all over Africa and the world congregate. The mix is what makes this city exciting.

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2010sdafrika-editorial staff: The most Germans and Europeans are preferring to live in Cape Town as in Johannesburg. How far could you understand this decision and which pros is Joburg providing?

Answer: I think people from Europe are easily seduced by Cape Town’s incredible beauty and promise of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Who isn’t? But saying that, Joburg has a perceptible pulse all year round, and that makes it an exciting place to be with its mix of people, cultures, commerce and arts.

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Which perception do you have from Germany and Germans?

Answer: I have visited Germany twice and each time been struck by a country that has rebuilt itself into a modern and dynamic society and that continues to deal with its past but is looking to its future. It is a place that has many lessons for South Africa. I also fell in love with Berlin’s incredible architecture and hope to visit again soon.

© A spirit mix of religion and arts in Jo´burg (Picture Source:

© A spirit mix of religion and arts in Jo´burg (Picture Source:

2010sdafrika-editorial staff: Laurice Taitz, blogger from Jo´burg, thank you very much for this urban interview!

2010sdafrika-Interview mit dem Architekten Luyanda Mpahlwa zur Johannesburger Städtekultur:

Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Glamour, Celebs and MylifE

Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!

November Edition, Part III:

Well is getting hot in the mother city and the glamsters are hot to trot!!!!

Starting off with the ever popular little black book…now this is THE list to be on this season…..daaaaarling Marina Nestel and her fab, hot, crew are just THE party organisers of note….and hold the key to the best kept party list in Cape Town…..the ever fabulaaaas One & Only group, in conjunction with, the little black book, Fabiani, Chivas Regal and Callahan put on ‘the fashion party of the year’……but truth be told…..I have a feeling there will be maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany more…… it was just too much fun for there not to be!!!!!

© red carpet @ one & only fabiani chivas party by 'the little black book''

….AND SPOTTED THERE WERE………., Anna Field [pushing daises fame] and Raoul Bova [Under The Tuscan Sun], Chef Nobu Matsuhisa [flew in from NYC just for the party!!!!!]….and MOI!!!!!…………..Your pulse into the Mother City, Cape Town, hot or …sooooooooooooo not!!!! And let’s just say……JA…..

This the season to be jolly so my darling friend Amanda De WAAL and I´m doing a Christmas drives for the children of the NGO ORG. this org helps street children with life skills and opportunity…..pls go onto their site and see if your heart feels warmed to this cause and DONATE!!!!

Pls….your Euros, no matter how small, can make a huge difference to these children’s lives……I am a patron to them and have been told that there Christmas wish is to be in the countryside and have a little quiet……can you imagine…….so my darling friend , Tony Martin[ Oscar winner , wig master of the famed movie from Mike Leigh , Topsy Turvy] and his husband ,Rosh have offered their west coastal farm, Nirvana , to host this amazing lunch/braai/barque…….and let me tell you …there are Michelin chefs that have come out of the mylife headquarters so…… doll……………I will be eating …..Well…. like the princess I think I am, really………. and now looking to get the busses and food and and and to be sponsored and placed into the best, evaaa ‘Christmas wish list’ that these wonderful children and youths deserve……imagine to have been born into the unfortunate geography, the streets of Cape Town, as your beginning in life……… these brave little warriors that survive through heinous crimes committed unto them each and every day of their life……..

© PICTURES of success stories from MYLIFE ORG


‘’come my babies of this mother city , ‘’mommy’s going to get you a day off from all this ……mommy is going to do her hardest to let you just , exhale ………….and take in the daisies……….. Even if it is just for one day’’…… Tanie Sam and Amanda

Oh and the best place for me at the moment ……. the beach grand in Granger Bay……filet , the best fries…….and the grand bubbly….hmmmmm……I do love my life….huuuuuu!

© the beach grand


Love always, Sam Pegg

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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg