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Ubuntu in Germany Column

Award-winning photographer Jodi Bieber exhibits her pictures in Germany

(Editor: Alex Smit-Stachowski is speaking in her column about life as a South African now living in Germany. The South African journalist lives in Krefeld, in North Rhine-Westphalia/ Germany. Ubuntu in Germany visited Jodi Bieber’s photo exhibition in Goch).

© Jodi Bieber at the Goch Museum (Source: Alexandra Smit-Stachowski)

© Jodi Bieber at the Goch Museum (Source: Alexandra Smit-Stachowski)

Multiple World Press Photo winner, Jodi Bieber is not the mom of famous Justin, despite several amusing incidents at airports. The bouncy, curly-haired 40-something who hails from Johannesburg, is exhibiting her work, “Between Darkness and Light” at the Goch Museum until May 26.

Many only discovered Jodi because of her iconic image of Aisha, the Afghan woman whose face was badly scarred after she was ‘punished’ by the Taliban for fleeing her abusive in-laws. The picture is unsettling because of the scarring but also of Aisha’s quiet resolution – a sign for other abused woman that they can survive, despite it all.