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Ubuntu in Germany Column

Germans face the heat in socks and sandals. An comparative analysis to South African weather behaviour

(Editor: Alex Smit-Stachowski is speaking in her column about life as a South African now living in Germany. The South African journalist lives in Krefeld, in North Rhine-Westphalia/ Germany).

Heat wave! Germans seldom experience such sweltering summers as the one currently underway – hot winds from Africa blowing across the country and ice-cream sales at an all-time high. Yet how Germans deal with the heat and South Africans do, is quite different to each other.

© Heat Wave in Germany! Ubuntu-Columnist Alex Smit-Stachowski is analyzing how Germans and South Africans are dealing with the heat. (Source: flickr/ Bjørn Giesenbauer)

© Heat Wave in Germany! Ubuntu-Columnist Alex Smit-Stachowski is analyzing how Germans and South Africans are dealing with the heat. (Source: flickr/ Bjørn Giesenbauer)


Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg

Wine, Rock Music and Beach – that´s Cape Town

Each month, Sam from Cape Town will let us participate in her life and South African lifestyle.
Take part and enjoy!

October Edition, Part II:

Ok…… in Deutschland you have Oktoberfest…. here in Cape Town, I feel ,we have ‘over enthusiastic , we are a party , yes’’… me crazy but it is pre season party time and Cape Town, or just moi ,really, is on go slow….I am loving the mountain time…you knowwwwww…………..I mean I am still wondering how the Hamilton Russell’s ‘whale season was….I mean with a pinot noire that has NY City crits in a tizzz and me begging….darling ,,,begging,,,woooo hooo … for a nother….there lies their vines in the Hemel en arde valley just moments away from Hermanus……Hamilton Russell…all etiquette of life’s palette…wine, olives , honey and pioneer wine making…and the hottest couple I have evaaaa seen…. ja

© Anthony and Olive Hamiltion Russell

© Hemel en Arde ..HERMANUS..Cape Town ...h & r wine est

The hills of Durbanville are alive with the sound of rock festivals….in fact the west coast is rocking the daisies….. this is the time that the rock and bands shine and show their final dress rehearsal for what is in store for the hottest season of film , fun, sex , shoots , sun and PAAAAAAAAAARTIES…… Cape Town has in store…. yeah baby….I am inspired….

And I have thrown my not tooooooooooooooo perrrrrrfect bodaaaay into a strip of big bay beach, Blouberg…love the imprint of table mountain on my horizon,,,,, when my winter ish ‘’ not Camps Bay body ready’’ body wishes a vit D …..KISSSSS …., maaaaaa doll…. I thought it rather awtstanding maa doll….hmmmmm….

© big bay beach blouberg

Oh ja, there was the launch of Elle Macpherson’s lingerie…..yep…. had the chika’s coming out of a jet to a huge crowd in an airport hanger… we are talking!!!!!! Now that is HOTTTTT!

I smell the creative juices arriving soon……. on my Cape Town shores…..we have a great season in store for you…and I have a huge surprise in DEC ….I have a new door that will open and amaze your visual mind…… more than even I dreamed…watch this space…I know…signed a shhhhhh contract….how kak is it for me!!!!! I want to blaaaa blaaa all night long, baby!!!!Yeeee haaaa!

Well darlings ….voila la news ….so far….


Love always, Sam Pegg

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Fashion and Lifestyle Column by Sam Pegg