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Südafrikanisches Englisch – eine Masala-Mischung aus einheimischen Wörtern

(Editor: Alex Smit-Stachowski is speaking in her column about life as a South African now living in Germany. The South African journalist lives in Krefeld, in North Rhine-Westphalia/ Germany).

I’m tuning you the truth, bru! Wie Südafrikaner wirklich Englisch sprechen…

South Africans speak a wonderful version of English – a mixed masala of indigenous words thrown in and pronounced in only the way us South Africans can talk.

The Oscar-nominated documentary ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ about the lifelong passion of South Africans for the lesser-known American folk singer, Rodriguez – again highlighted how special the English is, that we born and bred in SA is.

Spoken with a broad accent, we often plough ahead, not realizing that quite a few words are only familiar to those who schooled in South Africa. This hilarious clip which did the rounds on YouTube a few months ago, rounds up the typical South-Africanisms that tourists are likely to hear when visiting Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg.

© South African English -  only to be understood by the locals. (Quelle: flickr/ coda)

© South African English – only to be understood by locals. (Quelle: flickr/ coda)